Renee is an Artist, Esthetician and owner of Mountain Sun Skin Therapy in Bend Oregon.  This is her artist website.  Like so many people in Bend, Renee wears many hats! If you are looking for a facial or skin care, please visit

Renee just loves to make stuff!  She learned to sew clothes in fourth grade and pursued all forms of textile arts including sewing, embroidery, crochet and knitting culminating in a degree in Textile Design from UC Davis with an emphasis in weaving and fabric printing. 

Since college, it seems that nothing can keep Renee from checking out that next best thing. She has created hand painted furniture, painted sets, painted cloudy skies on bedroom walls, created theatre costumes (and halloween costumes!), sculpted and dressed one-of-a-kind art dolls, and more.  She always felt that her art had to serve a practical purpose, but at age forty four she finally decided to listen to the voice in her head that said, “You ought to be painting.” Since then she paints for simple joy and pure expression.  She is inspired primarily by color and the forms found in nature– both reflected in her Landscapes and Abstracts. 

When it comes to artistic expression Renee will not be pinned down!  She freely jumps between traditional landscape, intuitive flowing pieces, grids, faces and collage.  Trees seem to wants to be explored every so often! Lately, she is revisiting the themes of the art dolls she made years ago, but in her art journal.

Renee loves to take online art classes and credits Flora Bowley, Julie Balzer, Lucy Brydon, Tamara Laport, Teesha Moore, and Laly Mille with keeping her creatively inspired and technically challenged.