Renee Iverson earned a BS in Design with an emphasis in Textile Design from the University of California, Davis. Since then her creative endeavors have included needle work, weaving, sewing, costume design and production, backdrops for theatre, one-of-a-kind art dolls and painting. Renee always felt that her art had to serve a practical purpose, but at age forty four she finally decided to listen to the voice in her head that said, “You ought to be painting.” Since then she paints for simple joy and pure expression.  She is inspired by nature and color – both reflected in her Landscapes and Abstracts. She also loves the grid and recently has been working with color on paper – cut into squares and reassembled; create/deconstruct/reconstruct. It is the sense of touch that inputs the information, and the sense of touch that brings out the expression – Renee has always worked with her hands.   Renee is also an Aesthetician and owner of Mountain Sun Skin Therapy in Bend Oregon.  Her focus is on identifying the underlying issues that are causing problems in the skin, educating her clients and providing therapeutic non-invasive facials that improve the look, feel, and function of the skin.  Here too, she works with her hands.     Purchasing Please contact Renee at if you would like to purchase a painting.  All shipping costs are paid by the purchaser.  Commissions Please email Renee to discuss the possibility of commisioning a piece at Copyright All images are owned by Renee Iverson.  Renee Iverson sells original paintings, but retains the rights to reproduce the images she creates without restriction.
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